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Tiny Plants: Sinningia Propagation

Sinningia Propagation

Tiny Plants: Overwatered Cactus!

Overwatered Cactus!

Tiny Plants: Propagation Under Lights

Propagation Under Lights

Tiny Plants: Micro Orchid Dryadella cristata in Bloom!

Dryadella cristata in bloom!

Tiny Plants: A Favorite Tiny Succulent

Tiny Succulents

Tiny Plants: Plant Resurrection!

Plant resurrection

Tiny Plants: With Big Personalities

Tiny Peperomia

Tiny Plants: Micro Orchid Obsession

Micro Orchid Obsession

Gardening Under Lights: Light for Propagating & Growing Tiny Plants

Tiny Terrariums Under Grow Lights

Plant Parenting: Grow Lamps for Plant Cuttings

Grow Lamps for Cuttings

Plant Parents: Houseplant Unboxing from Little Prince

Houseplant unboxing

Plant Parenting: Some Plant Cuttings Need a Callus

Callus on Plant Cutting

Plant Propagation: Rooting Cuttings in Water

Water Root Your Plant Cuttings

Grow Lights: What are Lumens?

The measurement of lumens tells you how much light you can expect to see from a given lamp.

Aphids on Peppers

Aphids on pepper plants indoors.

Why Aren't My Tomatoes Ripening?

Tomato ripening depends on temperature

Grow Cuttings in an Automatic Propagator

Automatic propagator are cloning machines!

Thermoperiods for Plants in Grow Tents

Thermoperiod for plants grown indoors

Light Photoperiods for Growing Squash Indoors

Squash plants are day-neutral

Countertop Grow Lights

It's easy to grow under lights on countertops.

Use a Humidity Dome to Root Cuttings

Keep humidity high around plant cuttings.

Some Seeds Need Red Light to Germinate

Some plant seeds do not germinate until they are exposed to red light.

Coir for Seed Starting

Grow Dwarf Squash Indoors

Choose bush squash for indoor garden

Full-Spectrum Lamps Emit All Colors of Light

Full-spectrum grow lamps, will emit some percentage of all colors of light within the PAR range.

Powdery Mildew on Indoor Plants

Powdery mildew on indoor plants

Fiddleleaf Fig Care

Grow Kale

There are many types of kale for your indoor garden.

Grow Lamp Distance From Plants

Grow Lamp Distance From Plants

Ladybug Larvae Eat Whiteflies on Citrus

Ladybug larvae eat whiteflies.

Tips for Growing Oregano

Oregano is tough and easy to grow.

Counter-top Plant Growing Systems

Grow some greens on your kitchen counter

How to Water Orchids

What's the best way to water orchids?

LED Grow Lights for Large Houseplants

Large houseplatnts might need extra light.

Combining Single Spectrum LED Lamps

LED lamps come in single spectrums, or in combos.

Pollination by Hand

Potting Soil for Indoor Gardening

Potting soil for indoor gardening.

Salvia benefits from Chilling

Use Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for White Light

Use full spectrum LED grow lights for white light

How Fast do Seeds Germinate?

Different plants germinate at different speeds.

Heat Tolerance for Indoor Crops

Heat Tolerance for Indoor Crops

Compressed Seed Pellets for Seed Starting

Seed pellets are easy to use for seed germination.

Citrus Require Bright Light

Cannabis Grow Lighting Schedule

Getting cannabis to produce flower buds requires a strictly controlled lighting regimen.

Grow Cilantro Indoors

I can't live without cilantro!

African Violet Leaf Cutting

Seed Pack Instructions

Best Temperatures for Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium orchids like it cool.

Temperature and Humidity Levels

Temperature and Humidity Levels

Watts Only Tell You How Much Electricity Your Grow Lamp Uses

Watts tell you how much energy your lamp is using.

Tips for Growing Cucumbers Indoors

Add cucumbers to your indoor garden

Trouble Germinating Seeds?

Some seeds need extra help to germinate.

Temperature Triggers Flowering in Some Plants

Temperature triggers flowering in some plants

CFLs are Efficient Grow Lights in Small Spaces

CFLs are good options for spotlight fixtures.

Lettuce Seeds Need Light to Germinate

Lettuce Seeds Need Light to Germinate

LED Grow Lamps Can Generate Less Heat

Place lights as close as possible, without burning.

What are Dual-Band LEDs?

Mix red and blue light for continuous growth.

Flexible LED Grow Light Strips

LEDs even come in strips for easy install.

Dual Lamp Grow Light Fixture

Dual Lamp Grow Light Fixture

Grow Lights: What is Yield Photon Curve?

The difference in the efficacy of the varied color spectrums of light

Watch Out for Incorrect Grow Lighting Measurements

Not all lamp booklets provide correct and necessary information.

Metal Halide Grow Lamps Produce Bright White Light

MH lamps can be used during all stages of growth.

Multicolor white LED Grow Lights

Multicolor LEDs mix red, blue and green diodes.

Thin Your Seedlings

Growing Plants Indoors

Plants need more than just ambient light to thrive indoors.

What are HPS Grow Lamps?

HPS lamps were the most common type of plant lighting prior to LEDs.

Grow More Dill!

Dill is a mush-have fresh herb.

Aphids Thrive in Cool Temperatures

Aphids thrive in cool temperatures

Nanometer Specific Fluorescent Grow Lights

Narrow spectrums allows you to manipulate growth phases.

Grow Strawberries in Fabric Pots

Container Strawberries

Mounting Single Bar LED Grow Lights

Fluorescent fixtures can be mounted to many structuces because of small size.

Grow Tents for Indoor Gardening

Grow tends for indoor gardening

Measure Light from Your Grow Lights

A calibrated PAR quantum flux meter is needed to measure PPF.

Grow Bonsai Indoors Under Spotlight LED

Grow Bonsai Indoors

What is the Critical Photoperiod for Cannabis?

Cannabis is a short-day plant.

What is an Aqua Garden?

Mini Kitchen Gardens

How Much Light Does Thyme Need Indoors?

Any time is a good time for Thyme!

Indoor Gardening Spaces

Indoor gardening spaces

Direct Seeding Vegetable Crops

Direct seed certain vegetables into the garden or pots.

Are Incandescent Lamps Good for Indoor Gardening?

Incandescent Lamps are not effiective as they produce high amounts of heat.

What Are LED Grow Lights?

LEDs are a long lasting, and efficent lighting choice.

Rooting a Succulent Leaf

Should You Use Incandescent Bulbs for Plants?

Incandescent bulbs also function well as reading lamps.

Can You Grow Citrus Indoors?

Citrus blooms bring fragrance indoors

Why Are My Plants Stretching?

When plants stretch or grow toward the sun, also known as tropism, they are reaching for more blue light.

CFLs Work Well in Small Spaces

I use a 250 watt CFL in a small space on a variety of plants.

Salvia Stem Cutting

Group Indoor Edibles by Temperature Needs

Grow heat- or cool-temperature plants together

Repotting a Seedling

How to repot small seedlings.

Custom Kitchen Grow Light Shelves for Herbs

Fluorescent fixtures are small and easy to mount.

Cool & Warm Spectrum Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent lamps are avaiable in all spectrums.

Many Plants are Photoperiodic

The length of time you leave your lights on is just as important as the type and intensity of light you provide.

Hydroponic Growing Systems

What are hydroponics?

Seedlings Will Stretch if Too Far From Light

Seedlings Will Stretch if Too Far From Light

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