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Grow Succulents with LEDs

Growing succulents in a unique LED growing unit.

LED Efficiency Getting Better

LEDs are not an efficient as other types of lamps.

CMH (LEC) Plug and Play Fixture

Some CMH rigs can compete with HID results.

Grow Lights: What are Qualitative and Quantitative Photoperiods?

Plants that require a specific critical daylength to flower are classified as qualitative, or obligate.

Use CFL Grow Lamps in Home Light Fixtures

CLFs have moderate heat output, and can be put close to plants.

Different Sizes of Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescents are labeled T5, T8, and T12.

Red Light Drives Photosynthesis

While red light may deliver less energy, the plant uses much more of it efficiently to fuel photosynthesis and produce sugars.​

Fluorescent Grow Lights Great for Home Gardeners

Fluorescent lamps can last for 20,000 hours of lighting.

UV-A and UV-B light

Some flurescents emit UV light

Light-emitting Plasma LEP Grow Lamps

Light-emitting Plasma, or LEP, grow lamps are emerging grow lighting technology for indoor gardeners.

Growing Indeterminate Tomatoes Indoors

Indeterminate tomatoes grow tall! Choose dwarf tomatoes for indoor growing.

Dual Arc Plant Grow Light

Dual Arc bulbs blend MH and HPS lamps for warm and cool light.

Double-Ended HPS Grow Lamp

Double-Ended HPS lamps are the next-generation eveolution of HPS grow lights.

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