Blog Entries categorized as "Gardening Under Lights"

A Blooming Sea Urchin Cactus

Echinopsis cactus need bright light indoors.

Grow Echeveria Indoors

Echeveria succulents need bright light to thrive.

Reflective Wall Covering for Grow Lamps

reflective wall covering for grow lamps

Growing Indeterminate Tomatoes Indoors

Indeterminate tomatoes grow tall! Choose dwarf tomatoes for indoor growing.

Dual Arc Plant Grow Light

Dual Arc bulbs blend MH and HPS lamps for warm and cool light.

Ladybug Larvae are Whitefly Predators

Ladybug larvae eat whiteflies and aphids on citrus plants.

Double-Ended HPS Grow Lamp

Double-Ended HPS lamps are the next-generation eveolution of HPS grow lights.

Sansevieria the Perfect Houseplant for Low Light

Sansevieria are perfect house plants for low light.

Succulent Cuttings

Collecting & Saving Seeds

Grow Tomatoes in Your Closet?

Indoor lettuce

Worms on the Ferns!

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