Tiny Plants: A Favorite Tiny Succulent

June 3, 2021

A Tiny Succulent with Big Personality

One of my favorite tiny succulents I grow under grow lights indoors...this ‘lil Graptopetalum filiferum has been happily growing in a 2-inch pot under a small LED lamp in my dining room for more than a year now.

It’s just as squat and phat as it was when I first acquired it, but even prettier now. Because this species is naturally very small and slow-growing, you can keep it in tiny pots for extended periods of time.

Generally speaking, if find it one of the easier Echeveria spp. to grow indoors because it can thrive in somewhat lower light levels than other related species. That's the great thing about tiny plant...they typically take less resources in all forms, be it light, water, fertilizer...you name it.

Just make sure you respect the plant species' natural light needs and when it comes to succulents indoors that still usually means supplemental lighting, even with tiny succulents. BUT you don't need larger high-powered grow lamps for tiny succulents. Small LEDs in the 9-20Watt range (depending on how many plants) are usually adequate - which makes it much easier to be flexible about where you place your tiny succulents. Tiny plants...tiny lamps!

If you want to learn more about tiny succulents and other tiny species you can grow in small spaces, be sure to check out my brand new book TINY PLANTS!

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