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Tiny Plants: Overwatered Cactus!

Overwatered Cactus!

Tiny Plants: A Favorite Tiny Succulent

Tiny Succulents

Plant Parenting: Cloning Succulents

How to Clone Succulents

Plant Parenting: Make New Succulents from Leaf Cuttings

Succulents make plant babies from leaves!

Plant Parenting: Seeds Can Vary Greatly in Size

Plant seeds vary greatly in size

What are Dual-Band LEDs?

Mix red and blue light for continuous growth.

Many Plants are Photoperiodic

The length of time you leave your lights on is just as important as the type and intensity of light you provide.

Grow Succulents with LEDs

Growing succulents in a unique LED growing unit.

Different Sizes of Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescents are labeled T5, T8, and T12.

Succulent Cuttings

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