Blog Entries categorized as "Plant Cloning"

Gardening Under Lights: Light for Propagating & Growing Tiny Plants

Tiny Terrariums Under Grow Lights

Plant Parenting: Spider Plant Babies!

Spider plant offsets

Plant Parenting: New Roots at Plant Wound

Citrus Cutting Roots

Plant Parenting: Cloning Succulents

How to Clone Succulents

Plant Parenting: Make Plant Clones From a Mother Plant

Plant Cuttings for Cloning

Plant Parenting: Some Plant Cuttings Need a Callus

Callus on Plant Cutting

Plant Parenting: Make New Succulents from Leaf Cuttings

Succulents make plant babies from leaves!

Plant Parenting: Grow Peperomia From Leaf Cutting

Take leaf cuttings of peperomia

Plant Parenting: Pilea Make Pups Under the Soil

How to make more pilea

Plant Propagation: Rooting Cuttings in Water

Water Root Your Plant Cuttings

Succulent Cuttings

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