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Countertop Grow Lights

It's easy to grow under lights on countertops.

Some Seeds Need Red Light to Germinate

Some plant seeds do not germinate until they are exposed to red light.

Full-Spectrum Lamps Emit All Colors of Light

Full-spectrum grow lamps, will emit some percentage of all colors of light within the PAR range.

Counter-top Plant Growing Systems

Grow some greens on your kitchen counter

Combining Single Spectrum LED Lamps

LED lamps come in single spectrums, or in combos.

Cannabis Grow Lighting Schedule

Getting cannabis to produce flower buds requires a strictly controlled lighting regimen.

Watts Only Tell You How Much Electricity Your Grow Lamp Uses

Watts tell you how much energy your lamp is using.

CFLs are Efficient Grow Lights in Small Spaces

CFLs are good options for spotlight fixtures.

LED Grow Lamps Can Generate Less Heat

Place lights as close as possible, without burning.

What are Dual-Band LEDs?

Mix red and blue light for continuous growth.

Grow Lights: What is Yield Photon Curve?

The difference in the efficacy of the varied color spectrums of light

Watch Out for Incorrect Grow Lighting Measurements

Not all lamp booklets provide correct and necessary information.

Metal Halide Grow Lamps Produce Bright White Light

MH lamps can be used during all stages of growth.

Multicolor white LED Grow Lights

Multicolor LEDs mix red, blue and green diodes.

Growing Plants Indoors

Plants need more than just ambient light to thrive indoors.

What are HPS Grow Lamps?

HPS lamps were the most common type of plant lighting prior to LEDs.

Nanometer Specific Fluorescent Grow Lights

Narrow spectrums allows you to manipulate growth phases.

Mounting Single Bar LED Grow Lights

Fluorescent fixtures can be mounted to many structuces because of small size.

Measure Light from Your Grow Lights

A calibrated PAR quantum flux meter is needed to measure PPF.

Are Incandescent Lamps Good for Indoor Gardening?

Incandescent Lamps are not effiective as they produce high amounts of heat.

What Are LED Grow Lights?

LEDs are a long lasting, and efficent lighting choice.

Should You Use Incandescent Bulbs for Plants?

Incandescent bulbs also function well as reading lamps.

Why Are My Plants Stretching?

When plants stretch or grow toward the sun, also known as tropism, they are reaching for more blue light.

CFLs Work Well in Small Spaces

I use a 250 watt CFL in a small space on a variety of plants.

Custom Kitchen Grow Light Shelves for Herbs

Fluorescent fixtures are small and easy to mount.

Cool & Warm Spectrum Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent lamps are avaiable in all spectrums.

Many Plants are Photoperiodic

The length of time you leave your lights on is just as important as the type and intensity of light you provide.

Haworthia Houseplant

Haworthia Succlents Tolerate Low Light

How Far From Grow Lights to Place Seedlings

Move small fixtures up as plants grow larger to aviod heat stress.

Grow Lights: Choose the Right Quantity and Spectrum of Light

Having the right spectrum of light is not enough to grow healthy plants.

Can You Grow Plants Using Only Red Light?

Plants grown only under red light may not transpire properly

CMH Grow Lamps Require Less Electricity

CMHs are more efficient than standard MH lamps.

Why do Plant Leaves Change Color?

Why do Plant Leaves Change Color? They have special pigments that give them different bright colors.

HPS Grow Lamp Light Spectrum

Add addtional lamps to cover teh blue spectrum when using HPS lamps.

Three Categories of Plant Photoperiods

Plants are either long-day, short-day or day-neutral.

Choosing Grow Lights

There are multiple factors to take into consideration when choosing your grow lamps.

Grow Lights: What is Kelvin (K)Temperature?

Kelvin temperature is used to describe the visual color of light that a lamp emits.

Start Seedlings Under Cool Full-Spectrum Lamps

In general, use red light for flowering, and blue light for vegetative growth.

Grow Lights: Use Timers to Control Photoperiod

Simple lamp timers can be used to turn your grow lamps on and off on a set lighting schedule.

Impact of PPFD Light Levels on Cucumber Plants

Higher PPFD increases plant growth.

How Does Photosynthesis Work?

Plant leaves act as light collectors

How Does Blue Light Affect Plant Growth?

Blue light helps control excessive stem elongation

Adjusting Height on Grow Lamps Changes Light Delivery

Use one lamp for varying plants by raising and lowering.

Grow Lights: What are Facultative Long-Day Plants?

Plants that do not require an exact photoperiod before they are triggered to flower are facultative.

CFLs Are Good Grow Lights for Living Spaces

CFL work well

Narrow Grow Light Spectrum With LEDs

LED grow-light technology allows you to narrow the spectrum of light you provide to just one color.

How Light Effects Plant Development

Plants have evolved to employ sensors to use different spectrums of light for different stages of growth and reproduction.​

Lighting Needs Depend on the Type of Plant

Size of plants and growing space change your lighting needs.

LED Zoned Grow Lamps

Multiband fixtures let you turn on only certain colors.

LED Grow Light Tech is Growing

LEDs are gaining popularity as teh technology advances.

HPS Lamps Can Cause Plant Elongation

Adding CMH lamps to HPS lamps with keep plants from elongating.

Measure Light with Quantum Flux Meter

Quantum Flux meters measure PPF and PPFD.

Mixing Light Spectrums and Influencing Plant Growth

You can also mix and match different spectrums of light.​

Estimating Grow Lighting Needs

Calculate your lighting needs based off of lamp wattage.

HO T5 Fluorescents Good for Seedlings

Small fluorescents don't generate a lot of heat.

HPS Grow Lamps Boost Plant Flowering

HPS lamps provide six times the light of incandescent lamps.

Grow Lights: What is a Quantum Flux Meter?

Quantum flux meters help determine which lamps to use on which plants.

Warm Spectrum Light Triggers Plant Flowering

Use red light once you've transplanted to trigger stem elongation and flowering.

CMH Grow Lamps Offer Full-Spectrum Light

CMH lamps are avialable in two Kelvin measurements.

Do Plants use UV Radiation?

UV can cause cellular damage and plant death.

Grow Lights: What is a PAR Meter?

Determine accurate light measurements with a PAR meter.

CFL Grow Lamps

Many CFLs do not require a special ballast.

Fixtures for Fluorescent Grow Lights

Make sure your fixtures fit T5 of HO T5 tubes.

Grow Succulents with LEDs

Growing succulents in a unique LED growing unit.

LED Efficiency Getting Better

LEDs are not an efficient as other types of lamps.

CMH (LEC) Plug and Play Fixture

Some CMH rigs can compete with HID results.

Grow Lights: What are Qualitative and Quantitative Photoperiods?

Plants that require a specific critical daylength to flower are classified as qualitative, or obligate.

Use CFL Grow Lamps in Home Light Fixtures

CLFs have moderate heat output, and can be put close to plants.

Dual-Band LED Produce Pink Light

Duel band LEDs produce pink to purple light.

Different Sizes of Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescents are labeled T5, T8, and T12.

Red Light Drives Photosynthesis

While red light may deliver less energy, the plant uses much more of it efficiently to fuel photosynthesis and produce sugars.​

Fluorescent Grow Lights Great for Home Gardeners

Fluorescent lamps can last for 20,000 hours of lighting.

UV-A and UV-B light

Some flurescents emit UV light

Light-emitting Plasma LEP Grow Lamps

Light-emitting Plasma, or LEP, grow lamps are emerging grow lighting technology for indoor gardeners.

Dual Arc Plant Grow Light

Dual Arc bulbs blend MH and HPS lamps for warm and cool light.

Double-Ended HPS Grow Lamp

Double-Ended HPS lamps are the next-generation eveolution of HPS grow lights.

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