Choosing Grow Lights

December 3, 2018

Here are a few key factors you should consider when choosing the type of lamp, or combination of lamps, you will use to grow your plants: the spectrum of light provided; that is, the balance of cool and warm colors and how much of each is provided; the usable quantity of light the lamp provides; the amount of heat output from the lamp; and the amount of light, or the number of hours, you intend to light your plants given their daylength requirements and the lamp’s energy efficiency.

Spotlight LED grow lamps are ideal for lighting individual houseplants.
PC: SolTech Solutions

As a general rule, the less expensive the purchase price of the light setup, the more expensive and less effective it is to run. You will get much better results if you provide the right intensity of selective or full-spectrum light that is specific to plant growth.

Gardening Under Lights Book

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