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Ferns Growing Under Indoor LEDs

Even ferns need extra light indoors

How Does Photosynthesis Work?

Plant leaves act as light collectors

Hot Temperatures Can Hinder Plant Growth

Temperature influences plant growth and development

Full Spectrum Grow Lights

full spectrum grow lights

Adjusting Height on Grow Lamps Changes Light Delivery

Use one lamp for varying plants by raising and lowering.

CFLs Are Good Grow Lights for Living Spaces

CFL work well

Grow Vanda Orchids

Vandas like it humid.

Orchids on Display

How to Water Indoor Begonia Plants

Don't Overwater Begonias

Grow Lights Boost Your Indoor Plant Collection

Want more houseplants?

Countertop LED Growing Unit

Small LED grow units save space

LED Grow Light Tech is Growing

LEDs are gaining popularity as teh technology advances.

Taking a Begonia Leaf Cutting

Begonias can form new plants from a leaf.

Why Did My Plant Die?

We all kill houselpants sometimes. But why exactly did your plant die?

Small LED lamps work in Home Light Fixtures

LEDs lamps fit in standard home fixtures.

Use Porous Pots to Grow Orchids Indoors

Look for special orchid pots for your orchid plants.

LED Growing Units

Self-contained gow units provide both blue & red light.

Grow Oxalis as a Houseplant

You can grow perennial oxalis as an indoor plant.

Feed Your Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants need meat!

LED Spotlights for Indoor Wall Gardens

Go vertical with your indoor garden

Elm Bonsai Need a Dormancy Period

Give your elm bonsai and break outdoors

Red Chinese Evergreen Houseplant

A Colorful and Easy Houseplant

When do Orchids Bloom?

You can boost orchid blooms with grow lights.

Donkey Tail Spurge

Donkey tail spurge is a beautiful trailing succulent plant.

Grow Ghost Plant Indoors

Ghost plant is an impressive succulent container plant.

Kitchen Grow Light Shelves for Herbs

Build grow light shelves for kitchen herbs.

Grow Succulents with LEDs

Growing succulents in a unique LED growing unit.

Different Sizes of Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescents are labeled T5, T8, and T12.

Red Light Drives Photosynthesis

While red light may deliver less energy, the plant uses much more of it efficiently to fuel photosynthesis and produce sugars.​

Pink Frills Echeveria

Echeveria are popular succulents that need bright light.

Image Coming Soon

Gardening Under Lights: Is it a SCANDALOUS book?

Readers ask why there is cannabis in my book.

Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids

Moth orchids are commen and easy to grow.

Grow Lithops, Living Stones, Indoors

Living stones are fleshy succulents, perfect for small space indoor gardeners.

Grow Cymbidium Orchid Indoors

Cymbidiums are one of the most popular groups of orchids.

Hens and Chicks Succulents Indoors

Many succulents fail when kept as indoor houseplants, due to low light levels.

Grow Ruffled Echeveria Indoors

Echeveria plants come in many interesting forms.

Cacti Are Succulents Too

Cacti are also succlent plants.

Hawthoria, Low-light Houseplants

Haworthia are low-maintenance succulents houseplants.

Grow Pony Tail Palm Indoors

Ponytail palms are good low-light houseplants.

Grow Aloe Vera Indoors

Grow Aloe Vera plants indoors.

Can Succulents Grow in Low Light?

Indoor succulent plants won't tolerate low light.

Overwintering Succulents Indoors

Overwinter your succulents indoors with grow lights.

A Blooming Sea Urchin Cactus

Echinopsis cactus need bright light indoors.

Grow Echeveria Indoors

Echeveria succulents need bright light to thrive.

Sansevieria the Perfect Houseplant for Low Light

Sansevieria are perfect house plants for low light.

Worms on the Ferns!

Killing Plants Like a Pro

Killing Plants Like a Pro

Beyond the Poinsettia

Image Coming Soon

Image Coming Soon

Tiny Terrariums!

Image Coming Soon

Woolly Pockets planted up!

Image Coming Soon

Vertical Garden Planters

Image Coming Soon

Image Coming Soon

Image Coming Soon

Amaryllis ‘Chico’

Image Coming Soon

Image Coming Soon

Image Coming Soon

I Love Plant-Geek Gifts!

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