Tiny Plants: With Big Personalities

May 25, 2021

Tiny plants with big personalities! Who says you have to grow big to be bold?!

A BeBe Peperomia prostrata (string of turtles) that I started from a wee cutting in one of my favorite handmade tiny glazed pots. SO CUTE!

I think I started this plant from about an inch-long stem cutting back in, Ohhhhh, March or April of 2020? Anyhoo, I kept it, pot and all, inside of a glass canister for much of that time, up until about December '20. Hence the bodacious growth and flowering (thanks humidity!. It's even longer now...

It may not be intuitive that such a succulent looking plant would be happy growing under glass...but it is. And you’ll be able to get cuttings rooted and growing much faster that way.

I take a deeper dive into plant propagation with you in my book PLANT PARENTING - and if you want to geek out on itty bitty houseplants, then be sure to pick up my NEW book TINY PLANTS. Tiny rules!

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