Grow Oxalis as a Houseplant

August 21, 2018

You can grow many outdoor perennials--such as this 'Burgundy' Oxalis--on counters or shelves under cool-spectrum HO T5 fluorescents or on tables and desktops using full-spectrum LEDs. If you have a bright south-facing windowsill, it might even be happy there.

A purple oxalis growing as a houseplant under fluorescent T5 counter lights.
PC: Leslie F. Halleck

If you have low light conditions in your home, you can grow many foliage plants indoors without supplemental light; and there are plenty of books and resources available to teach you how to cultivate specific types. However, you'll find that many plants, especially any that typically grow in bright light or full sun outdoors, will need supplemental grow lighting when you grow them indoors.

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