Grow Bonsai Indoors Under Spotlight LED

January 17, 2019

A few environmental factors will influence your success with indoor bonsai. Light, of course, is a big one. Most woody plant species that are trained as bonsai need more light than they would typically get with ambient indoor lighting. A single spotlight LED, properly placed, can help your bonsai thrive.

A bonsai grown under a spotlight LED.
PC: Soltech Solutions

Most woody bonsai won't survive indoors for long, especially if they don't have lots of bright light (normally they'd be outdoors in a sunny location). Adding a grow light for your bonsai is a must.

Certain tropical plants can also serve well as trained bonsai. These tropicals will be better suited to living indoors year-round, but you will still need supplemental light for many types unless they are low-light plants.

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