Snake Plant Thrives in Low Light

December 1, 2018

Not all plants will thrive indoors without supplemental light, but there are a few easy and tough houseplants that will tolerate low light conditions in your home. Snake plant (also known as Mother in law's tongue) or Sansevieria spp., are one of the best plant choices for low light. There are many varieties to choose from, ranging from large to compact.

Snake plant is a tough, easy-to-grow foliage plant that can survive in low indoor light levels.
PC: Leslie F. Halleck

There are significant differences in light intensity as you move away from windows and between the rooms in your home. A plant that thrives in the windowsill may struggle just a few feet away. So be sure to pay attention to how your plants is growing...or not growing...after you place it in a low light area. If it's struggling, move it closer to the window.

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