What Are LED Grow Lights?

January 10, 2019

An LED lamp is a semiconductor that produces light when electrical current passes through it. This is solid-state lighting, as opposed to lamps that use electrical filaments and gases to produce light. This solid state can make LEDs a longer-lasting, more efficient choice. LEDs are lightweight and don’t emit a lot of heat, which is very important in a controlled growing environment.

Plants growing under an LED fixture in a home grow tent.
PC: Garden Supply Guys

Some indoor growers still use LEDs only as a supplement to other forms of HID lighting, newer advances are making LEDs a good consideration for primary plant lighting, especially in intensive indoor food-production operations that use vertical farming. You can also use LEDs to lengthen photoperiod during the shorter and darker days of winter, or shift easily between vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth using spectrum-specific LEDs.

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