Impact of PPFD Light Levels on Cucumber Plants

November 22, 2018

These cucumber plants were started from seed at the same time. The container on top was grown under a CMH lamp with a higher PPFD, while the container on the bottom was grown under a CFL with a lower PPFD. The plants grown under the higher-intensity lamp are far ahead of those grown under the lower-intensity lamp.

PC: Leslie F. Halleck

Typically, the higher the PPFD delivery of a grow lamp, the more expensive it is. You can run a less expensive lamp with a lower PPFD value for a longer photoperiod and rack up the same DLI that your plants need. Just be sure not to run the lamp longer than the plants can tolerate.

You can also choose a more expensive lamp with a higher PPFD and run it fewer hours to deliver the same DLI. Provide a long enough photoperiod if one is required.

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