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Warm Spectrum Light Triggers Plant Flowering

Use red light once you've transplanted to trigger stem elongation and flowering.

CMH Grow Lamps Offer Full-Spectrum Light

CMH lamps are avialable in two Kelvin measurements.

Tips for Growing Peas

Peas keep it cool

Two Phases of Cannabis Growth

Keep Air Moving in Your Grow Tent

Keep air moving in your grow tent.

Do Plants use UV Radiation?

UV can cause cellular damage and plant death.

What Causes Tomato Early Blight?

Tomatoes are susceptible to diseases such as tomato blight.

Grow Lights: What is a PAR Meter?

Determine accurate light measurements with a PAR meter.

Indoor Plants Turning Brown? Could be Low Humidity

indoor plants turning brown? Could be low humidity.

How to Seed Microgreens

Seed Your Microgreens Indoors

Tomato Vines Need Support

Indeterminate tomatoes grow talll!

Aquaponic Growing Systems

What are aquaponics?

CFL Grow Lamps

Many CFLs do not require a special ballast.

Use Porous Pots to Grow Orchids Indoors

Look for special orchid pots for your orchid plants.

When to Transplant Seedlings

Don't wait too long to transplants your seedlings.

Fixtures for Fluorescent Grow Lights

Make sure your fixtures fit T5 of HO T5 tubes.

LED Growing Units

Self-contained gow units provide both blue & red light.

Rooting Brugmansia Cuttings

Brugmansia are fast rooters.

Grow Basil Indoors

Basil is an easy to grow herb.

Seed Peat Pellets

What are Microgreens?

How are microgreens different from sprouts?

Grow Oxalis as a Houseplant

You can grow perennial oxalis as an indoor plant.

Transplanting and Potting up Seedlings

Transplant your seedlings in stages.

Feed Your Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants need meat!

Harvesting Peppers Indoors

Harvest peppers at different stages of ripeness.

Sooty Mold on Citrus Leaves

Sooty mold on citrus leaves.

LED Spotlights for Indoor Wall Gardens

Go vertical with your indoor garden

Aerial Roots on Tomato Plants

Tomatoes produce aerial roots along their stems.

Elm Bonsai Need a Dormancy Period

Give your elm bonsai and break outdoors

Roots Forming on a Plant Cutting

Root cuttings in water

What is a Deep-water Propagator?

Deep-water cloners for plant propagation

Red Chinese Evergreen Houseplant

A Colorful and Easy Houseplant

Spinach Grows Best in Cool Temperatures

Spinach keeps it cool

Temperature Range of Citrus

Temperatures for growing citrus indoors

Strawberry Plant Runner

When do Orchids Bloom?

You can boost orchid blooms with grow lights.

Donkey Tail Spurge

Donkey tail spurge is a beautiful trailing succulent plant.

Grow Ghost Plant Indoors

Ghost plant is an impressive succulent container plant.

Kitchen Grow Light Shelves for Herbs

Build grow light shelves for kitchen herbs.

Grow Succulents with LEDs

Growing succulents in a unique LED growing unit.

Choose Bush Beans for Indoor Growing

Bush beans stay compact.

LED Efficiency Getting Better

LEDs are not an efficient as other types of lamps.

What is a Dormancy in Plants?

What is a dormancy in plants?

Veggie Harvest

CMH (LEC) Plug and Play Fixture

Some CMH rigs can compete with HID results.

Grow Lights: What are Qualitative and Quantitative Photoperiods?

Plants that require a specific critical daylength to flower are classified as qualitative, or obligate.

Use Yellow Sticky Cards to Control Fungus Gnats

Use Yellow Sticky Cards to Control Fungus Gnats

Grow Kale in Cool Temperatures Indoors

Kale likes it cool.

Reduce Nitrogen Fertilizer When Tomatoes Begin to Flower

Too much Nitrogen can delay tomato flowering.

LED Grow Light Bars

LED bars are available with small reflectors.

Use CFL Grow Lamps in Home Light Fixtures

CLFs have moderate heat output, and can be put close to plants.

Harvesting Dry Seeds

When to collect dry seeds.

Air Cooled Grow Lamps

Air cooled grow lamps for confined growing areas.

Hydroponic System Parts

Garage Gardens & Grow Tents

Use Grow Tents in Your Garage

What are Chilling Requirements for Plants?

What are chilling requirements for plants?

Don't Bury Your Seedlings Too Deep!

Transplant seedlings at the same soil depth.

Dual-Band LED Produce Pink Light

Duel band LEDs produce pink to purple light.

Senecio Succulents

Senecio succulents for silver foliage.

Understand Optimal Temperatures for Indoor Growing

Understand Optimal Temperatures for Indoor Growing

Different Sizes of Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescents are labeled T5, T8, and T12.

Red Light Drives Photosynthesis

While red light may deliver less energy, the plant uses much more of it efficiently to fuel photosynthesis and produce sugars.​

Capillary Mats Help With Plant Watering

Use capillary mats for moisture control and seed germination.

Pink Frills Echeveria

Echeveria are popular succulents that need bright light.

Fluorescent Grow Lights Great for Home Gardeners

Fluorescent lamps can last for 20,000 hours of lighting.

Image Coming Soon

Gardening Under Lights: Is it a SCANDALOUS book?

Readers ask why there is cannabis in my book.

Are Unfertilized Female Cannabis Plants More Potent?

Male and female cannabis plants differ in potency.

UV-A and UV-B light

Some flurescents emit UV light

Light-emitting Plasma LEP Grow Lamps

Light-emitting Plasma, or LEP, grow lamps are emerging grow lighting technology for indoor gardeners.

Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids

Moth orchids are commen and easy to grow.

Grow Lithops, Living Stones, Indoors

Living stones are fleshy succulents, perfect for small space indoor gardeners.

Grow Cymbidium Orchid Indoors

Cymbidiums are one of the most popular groups of orchids.

Hens and Chicks Succulents Indoors

Many succulents fail when kept as indoor houseplants, due to low light levels.

Grow Ruffled Echeveria Indoors

Echeveria plants come in many interesting forms.

Cacti Are Succulents Too

Cacti are also succlent plants.

Grow Tent Sizing

Hawthoria, Low-light Houseplants

Haworthia are low-maintenance succulents houseplants.

Grow Pony Tail Palm Indoors

Ponytail palms are good low-light houseplants.

Grow Aloe Vera Indoors

Grow Aloe Vera plants indoors.

Can Succulents Grow in Low Light?

Indoor succulent plants won't tolerate low light.

Overwintering Succulents Indoors

Overwinter your succulents indoors with grow lights.

A Blooming Sea Urchin Cactus

Echinopsis cactus need bright light indoors.

Grow Echeveria Indoors

Echeveria succulents need bright light to thrive.

Reflective Wall Covering for Grow Lamps

reflective wall covering for grow lamps

Growing Indeterminate Tomatoes Indoors

Indeterminate tomatoes grow tall! Choose dwarf tomatoes for indoor growing.

Dual Arc Plant Grow Light

Dual Arc bulbs blend MH and HPS lamps for warm and cool light.

Ladybug Larvae are Whitefly Predators

Ladybug larvae eat whiteflies and aphids on citrus plants.

Double-Ended HPS Grow Lamp

Double-Ended HPS lamps are the next-generation eveolution of HPS grow lights.

Sansevieria the Perfect Houseplant for Low Light

Sansevieria are perfect house plants for low light.

Succulent Cuttings

Collecting & Saving Seeds

Grow Tomatoes in Your Closet?

Indoor lettuce

Worms on the Ferns!

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