Tips for Growing Cucumbers Indoors

February 13, 2019

There are a few tricks to growing great cucumbers indoors. Cucumbers are day-neutral, and will flower and fruit under a variety of photoperiods and you can grow them successfully with anywhere from 12 to 18 hours of light.

'Martini' Cucumber
PC: Ball Horticultural Company

If you’re growing cucumbers inside a grow tent and temperatures are warmer during the day, be sure night temperatures are cooler. Cucumbers can handle warm conditions, but perform best at temperatures between 70°F and 75°F (21–24°C). Keep plants consistently watered at all times to avoid blossom end rot.

Unless you happen to have bees buzzing around in your house or grow tent, you're going to have to do some hand pollination on your cucumber plants. Use a small paintbrush to transfer pollen from male flowers to female flowers.

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