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What are Chives?

Chives are an easy perennial herb.

Do LED Grow Lights Cost More?

Do LED grow lights cost more?

How Light Effects Plant Development

Plants have evolved to employ sensors to use different spectrums of light for different stages of growth and reproduction.​

Do Your Plants Have Chlorosis?

Look for leaf discoloration to ID chlorosis.

Tomato 'Homeslice' for Indoor Garden

Looking for good indoor tomato varieties?

Vegetable Days to Harvest

How do you figure out days to harvest?

Use Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for White Light

Use full spectrum LED grow lights for white light

Grow Microgreens in a Small Space

Grow microgreens year-round indoors

Taking a Begonia Leaf Cutting

Begonias can form new plants from a leaf.

White Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

White full spectrum LED grow lights

How to Plant Bare-root Strawberry in Containers

Bare-root strawberries are easy to plant.

Recycle Plastic Garden Pots for Seed Starting

Reuse your plastic plant pots for seed starting.

Seed Stratification for Germination

Some seeds require stratification for germination.

How to Fertilize Citrus Trees

Citrus plants can be heavy feeders.

Why Did My Plant Die?

We all kill houselpants sometimes. But why exactly did your plant die?

Problems Growing Cucumbers?

Cucumbers need lots of water!

Indoor Seeding Station

Indoor seeding stations are easy to use.

CMH Grow Lamps Offer Full-Spectrum Light

CMH lamps are avialable in two Kelvin measurements.

Tips for Growing Peas

Peas keep it cool

Two Phases of Cannabis Growth

Do Plants use UV Radiation?

UV can cause cellular damage and plant death.

What Causes Tomato Early Blight?

Tomatoes are susceptible to diseases such as tomato blight.

Indoor Plants Turning Brown? Could be Low Humidity

indoor plants turning brown? Could be low humidity.

How to Seed Microgreens

Seed Your Microgreens Indoors

Tomato Vines Need Support

Indeterminate tomatoes grow talll!

Aquaponic Growing Systems

What are aquaponics?

When to Transplant Seedlings

Don't wait too long to transplants your seedlings.

Rooting Brugmansia Cuttings

Brugmansia are fast rooters.

Grow Basil Indoors

Basil is an easy to grow herb.

Seed Peat Pellets

What are Microgreens?

How are microgreens different from sprouts?

Transplanting and Potting up Seedlings

Transplant your seedlings in stages.

Harvesting Peppers Indoors

Harvest peppers at different stages of ripeness.

Sooty Mold on Citrus Leaves

Sooty mold on citrus leaves.

Aerial Roots on Tomato Plants

Tomatoes produce aerial roots along their stems.

Roots Forming on a Plant Cutting

Root cuttings in water

What is a Deep-water Propagator?

Deep-water cloners for plant propagation

Spinach Grows Best in Cool Temperatures

Spinach keeps it cool

Temperature Range of Citrus

Temperatures for growing citrus indoors

Strawberry Plant Runner

Kitchen Grow Light Shelves for Herbs

Build grow light shelves for kitchen herbs.

Choose Bush Beans for Indoor Growing

Bush beans stay compact.

Veggie Harvest

Use Yellow Sticky Cards to Control Fungus Gnats

Use Yellow Sticky Cards to Control Fungus Gnats

Grow Kale in Cool Temperatures Indoors

Kale likes it cool.

Reduce Nitrogen Fertilizer When Tomatoes Begin to Flower

Too much Nitrogen can delay tomato flowering.

LED Grow Light Bars

LED bars are available with small reflectors.

Harvesting Dry Seeds

When to collect dry seeds.

Hydroponic System Parts

Garage Gardens & Grow Tents

Use Grow Tents in Your Garage

Don't Bury Your Seedlings Too Deep!

Transplant seedlings at the same soil depth.

Understand Optimal Temperatures for Indoor Growing

Understand Optimal Temperatures for Indoor Growing

Capillary Mats Help With Plant Watering

Use capillary mats for moisture control and seed germination.

Are Unfertilized Female Cannabis Plants More Potent?

Male and female cannabis plants differ in potency.

Growing Indeterminate Tomatoes Indoors

Indeterminate tomatoes grow tall! Choose dwarf tomatoes for indoor growing.

Ladybug Larvae are Whitefly Predators

Ladybug larvae eat whiteflies and aphids on citrus plants.

Pruning Your Fruit Trees

Grow Tomatoes in Your Closet?

Indoor lettuce

Fig Newton Trees

Pollination Powerhouses

Chili Tepin is rockin’ it…

Our Favorite Re-Seeders

Arugula in Bloom

Image Coming Soon

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