How to Plant Bare-root Strawberry in Containers

September 28, 2018

Want to get a jump start on growing strawberries indoors? Look for bare-root plants you can pot up. Bare-root strawberries will arrive without any soil and bare roots - typically rubber banded together in bunches. To pot up, you'll separate each bare-root plant, make a hole in the potting mix to accommodate the roots, then gently set the plant roots into the mix and cover. Always make sure the growing crown of the strawberry plant is above the soil line. Water thoroughly.

Strawberry bare-root plant
PC: Leslie F. Halleck

Want to grow strawberries indoors? Look for day-neutral varieties such as alpine strawberries. Seed and plugs are available for Alpine and species strawberries. You can purchase bare-root plugs or transplants for Alpine strawberries and Everbearing (day-neutral) types.

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