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Smithsonian Gardens

Aug 5, 2015

Recently, I was in Baltimore for the Annual Perennial Plant Association Symposium. Tours are a big part of the week-long event and we had the chance to swing by the lovely gardens at the Smithsonian in D.C. If you haven't  been, be sure to make them a stop on your next visit to the Capitol.

A lovely Partierre planted with Angelonia in front of the visitor center.

The garden beds are filled with loads of interesting plants, most of which are clearly labeled.

It's a cornocopia of funky plants!

Cascabela: A Tropical Texas Beauty!

Sep 17, 2014

I spent some time in South Texas this month and loved being surrounded by all the beautiful tropicals that grow in the area. My favorite? This less-than-common apricot form of Cascabela thevetia. Such a beauty! This plant is related to Oleanders and has similar toxcitiy in all parts of the no munching...

Three Months of Green Industry Travel…Whew!

Aug 28, 2014

In the Green Industry, June,July and August are crammed with trade shows and conferences so that us plantgeeks can stay up to speed on all the new & cool plants, products and technology. My suitcase has pretty much stayed packed for the last three months! I'm happy to be back in Big D now and will be sharing photos and thoughts about all the garden goodies and landscapes I visited in my travels. Cinncinati, Columbus, New York, Portland and San Antonio...lots of photos to come!

My favorite new plant release so far...the Pixie grape! Tiny wine grape plant that grows to only 18". Perfect for patios!

I love black foliage...several great new colors of Black Diamond crapemyrtles will be available 2015

A non-invasive shrub forming trumpet vine? Wha?? Summer Fire Jazz Campsis is gorgeous!

Not that they won't melt here in Texas (can't say yet) but the King Terrazza series of roses are really beautiful. this is Comet.

I have tons of stuff to share, but it's going to take a bit to get through the photos!

Your Home Address in Succulents

Feb 7, 2014

I'm pretty sure everyone needs to have their home address displayed like THIS! Would that be fantastic? A mixture of Echeveriaand Joseph's coat are the perfect combo for such a gardening feat.

Succulent address sm

This photo was taken at a public garden I visited in Vancouver, Canada.

Dreaming of Gentians

Feb 5, 2014

Blue...that elusive color. I'm obsessed with it in the garden. One of my very favorite blue-blooming perennials is the Gentian. I mean, look at it. It's drool-worthy. Blue flowers are always hard to photograph when it comes to getting their true color. Trust me when I say they are much "bluer" in person. I love them so much I have a book devoted to them on the shelf in my library. But do I have any of them in my garden? NO. No, of course not. Because this is Texas, and they don't grow here. So I'll keep dreaming of Gentians and shaking my jealous gardening fists at you northerners lucky enough to have these gems in your garden. This shot was taken at Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Gentian sm

Foliage: The foundation of a garden

Feb 3, 2014

If you ever wondered whether foliage in a landscape was that important, I offer you a shot of the quarry at Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, B.C. Sure, there are a ton of flowers there. But look at this photo! Wow. Fabulous foliage is not only the skeleton of the garden, it's the muscle. Beautiful. So don't over-focus on flowers when you're crafting your garden. Foliage is fabulous!

Butchart sm

Bulb blooms are early this year…

Feb 26, 2013

If you're planning to head to the Dallas Arboretum this year for Dallas Blooms, I'd suggest you move up your visit! Actually, you should probably make two visits if you really want to enjoy all the bulbs. With the warmer trending late-winter weather this year (and the past few), bulbs like Hyacinth and Tulips are blooming a week to two weeks earlier than planned. Typically, I consider the peak of Dallas Blooms ot be about the third week of March. But, temperature drives development and so when it's warm early, so go the blooms early!


Here is a shot of what are most likely 'Blue Jacket' Hyacinth and 'Monal' Narcissus (Daffodil). This photo was taken a WEEK ago! By this weekend, which is the opening of Dallas Blooms,  the Hyacinth and some of the early Daffodils will already be waning. Early blooming tulip varieties have already been in full glory for the last couple of weeks in my garden. So go now if you want to catch the early side of the bulb show, then head back in two weeks to catch the main tulip show.

Chihuly at The Dallas Arboretum

Oct 10, 2012

Before the exhibit is taken down in November, you should probaby scoot over to The Dallas Arboretum to get a gander at the Chihuly installation. It's even lovelier at night.


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