More photos from the Amazon, Peru

December 29, 2009

So sorry I've been delinquent in my postings! Hard to come back from two weeks in the jungle and get hit with American Christmas! I have a ton of photos to sort through, but I promise I'll get at it this weekend. Here are just a few more I have handy...


My friend Kevin took this shot...nice how I color coordinate eh?


More amazing, beautiful fungi...they look like little ocean creatures...

So many stunning majestic trees...


And super fantastic bugs! This is some sort of beautiful centipede I've yet to ID...


You didn't think I'd leave ya hangin' on chickens did you?? LOL..I actually took quite a few chicken pictures...more to come. So many breeds I've never seen before!

Check out this awesome Rhino beetle!!! Quite the friendly little bugger...

Look at this amazing flower! So much to little time...sigh

I'm still adjusting back to "regular" life after my time in the Amazon. Such a wonderful life changing experience...

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