Yay for snakes!

March 23, 2009

It's a banner year for snakes in the Halleck garden. As you can see by the blurriness of the photo, it wasn't exactly easy to get a shot of this squirmy little guy, but you get the idea. It is a Texas brown snake. I have a bounty of babies in my garden this year. Just about everywhere I've started to dig around one of two if these little guys has popped out. I was removing a decaying stump from the back fence and fount a nest of them. I'm a reptile/amphibian enthusiast so snakes and the like bring me no end of entertainment. But I do realize there are a lot of you out there that would not be thrilled to find snakes in their yard. Texas brown snakes and rat snakes are non-venomous and they are a great natural pest control. They have small mouths so their prey tends to be small as well..they eat snails and slugs so they are great for gardeners. So your backyard chickens are safe...yay for snakes.


Tomato ‘Golden Mama’

March 20, 2009

Ok, the yummy orange paste tomato I tested last year for Organic Gardening magazine is available at North Haven Gardens right now, in limited quantities. This is a tasty paste tomato, similar to a Roma, but with lemon yellow flesh and a light sweet flavor. It's heat tolerant, compact with good fruiting. Can't wait to make some golden spagetti sauce this year...


Pretty as a peach…

March 15, 2009

The three ornamental peaches I planted last year are all popping. They are each a double flowering variety called 'Peppermint'. Blooms appear in shades of hot pink and white/pink stripes. They are the fascination of my 1 1/2 year old neighbor, Madeline. And the other neighbor, Lonnie...who is not so much 1 1/2 but who nonetheless gets all giggly like a little girl when new things are blooming in my garden. Delights for kids and not so much kids alike! Purrrty.


Patio update…for Caro

March 15, 2009

Hey Carolyn...I know, I'm way overdue with the finished photos of the patio and walkways. I still have more pots etc. that I want to put out on the patio, but here is the start...


Fantastic Mustard Green…

March 12, 2009

I grew a wonderful Mustard Green in the garden this past fall through winter and it's still going strong. It's called 'Southern Giant Curled' and you can procure the seed from Botanical Interest. I'd direct seeded it out into the garden and it's been as happy as could be all winter long. But I sort of forgot about harvesting much of it. I mixed some of it into a fresh salad the other day and was reminded about how tasty it is! Sweet tasting leaves followed by just the right amount of spicy mustard flavor. This variety is very slow to bolt and the plants in my garden haven't even thought about blooming yet. It's a pretty plant to boot...


Prime Real Estate…

March 6, 2009

It's almost tomato planting time here in Tejas...I'll post some photos of my 7-week old seedlings soon. They'll be going out into the garden in about 2-weeks or so. If you don't have space in the veggie garden, or maybe haven't gotten around to building those new veggie boxes yet, don't fret. You know those nice sunny ornamental beds you have up in the front yard? That's prime real estate baby!

Grab yourself some pretty painted tomato cages this spring (to color coordinate of course with your decor...) and slap those tomato plants down in the front yard. Working some veggies into the ornamental garden can help you take advantage of precious sunlight but still look pretty at the same time.



In this photo from my front yard, 'Celebrity' tomatos in blue cages are planted amongst pretty purple angelonia, ornamental peppers, roses, marigolds, creeping thyme and daylilies. The blue tomato cages look fab with my blue bottle tree...

Dinner from the garden…

February 23, 2009

Just in case those of you living in Texas don't realize how much you can grow here in the winter, all winter, this is what my dinner plate looked like last night. Straight from the garden to the plate. YUM. I dedicate this plate to Rod and Julie Dreher...as I think this is what they'll be eating for the next month!


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