Pilea peperomioides plugs have arrived!

August 10, 2017

If you're into houseplants, you may have found yourself hunting for the ever elusive Chinese Money Plant, or Pilea peperomioides. This succulent foliage plant's popularity has exploded in Europe, but supplies are terribly limited here in the States. Even for someone like myself who works in the horticulture industry, it's been tough to get my hands on this beautiful plant.

I had to work pretty darn hard and do some serious networking to finally score some babies...but they are here! Thanks to D.S. Cole Growers, I'm now coaxing along some pilea plugs in the indoor plant lab.

The plugs were rooted out, but according to their source, were being a bit stubborn about putting on any new growth. So I bumped them into 2" pots and put them under HO T5 supplemental lighting for 12-hours a day.

The little buggers are still being stubborn for me too...but hopefully soon we'll see some plantlets sprouting. Stay tuned!

Leslie Halleck

Hi Maddie - no, they are blind cuttings. Meaning this species of Pilea won't generate new bud shoots from leaf petiole cuttings - they can grow roots, but are not developing bud shoots. You're better off taking offsets (pups) or tip cuttings. Hope this helps!

Maddie Williams

did you end up having any luck propagating them this way? I am trying to start my own small indoor farm of them and am trying to find every possible way to propagate them.

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