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May 15, 2009

The gals are growing gangbusters and looking great. We got our picture taken together this morning for the Dallas Morning News...LOL...The photographer was a real peach and very patient with all the chicken wrangling required to get those shots! I'm hoping she didn't take any of me crawling into the coop, sunny side up, to grab them. BTW, we now carry the Ark, feeds, waterers & feeders, hay, etc. for backyard chicken keeping at North Haven Gardens, here in Dallas. We're having a chicken keeping program on Saturday, May 23rd, and Dan Probst will be selling juvenille birds that day...I'm just sayin'!!

Here are a few photographic updates...

The "Ark" and run.


Phyllis and Einstein

Pecker and Eunice

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May 15, 2009
3:44 pm

Hey..thanks for picking my Maybloom collage.  What a kick that was.  I love your chickens.  I have chickens too and will blog about them someday. I have two silkies.  We visited friends in Dallas last year.  They took us to see the Dallas Stars.  Maybe they will read about you in the newspaper.

pete skarnulis
May 21, 2009
6:12 pm


Read your blog and communicated with Dan via email.  I am attempting to convenience my wife this would be a great experience for us as family ( two sons 13 nad 6 ) and we focus on a healthy organic lifestyle.  My wife is concerned we do not have enough space, the chickens will have a high odor rate and be very time consuming to manage.  ( I pereceived we would only have to chickens)  Any thoughts or feedback you could share would be appreciated.



Leslie Finical Halleck
May 21, 2009
6:51 pm

You might also want to take a look around

I’m surprised at how low maintenance it can be. I do already spend time vegetable gardening and so already devote time outside. It doesn’t add much work at all to what I already do. Give them fresh water each day…usually don’t have to add feed but for every few days. I do throw them out some scratch each day as well as give them left over greens from the kitchen or garden, which they adore. I clean out the bedding and coop once per week and it all goes right into the compost bins. So if you don’t already compost, this would be a great time to start. There is a light odor, but my coop sits right next to the compost bins, so it’s not a big deal. If you don’t keep the area clean or change their bedding regularly, then of course you’ll have a problem..not only for you but the chickens. They free range when I’m outside so I can watch them, they love to eat bugs and weeds.

Chickens are great for kids and actually help create some family bonding time outdoors. What might initiall be perceived as work or chores actually becomes quite enjoyable and kids can’t seem to get enough of chickens. Especially once they start laying! Your kids are the perfect age to be involved.

Don’t know if you’re local, but Dan will be at North Haven Gardens this coming saturday 6/23. He’ll be selling pullets and giving a program at 3pm on how to keep backyard chickens. Perhaps if you and your family came to the program it would be helpful.

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