Still harvesting lettuce…

May 15, 2010

Still getting some decent lettuce from the 'Red Sails', 'Black Seeded Simpson' lettuce and a few other varieties, including a burgundy test lettuce. I imagine that they'll only last another week or two with the heat.


Here is one of my salad beds...a crazy mix of greens around the edge with carrots and some Apricota poppies (Papaver rupifragum) in the center. The poppies are just starting to bud. Should be lovely once they come into flower...


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May 15, 2010
11:27 pm

Beautiful picture of your salad bed. My lettuce is going down too ... but I have very satisfied since I nevere stopped harved greens since november !! Now I will try something new for the summer. I am going to start some lettuce seeds indoor and move them outside in the shade ... let’s see if they will survive the heat of summer. I bought some varieties that they are heat-tollerant. If this will not work ... the best alternative I have for summer greens is Malabar Spinach ... yummy

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