Praying Mantis

Sep 27, 2009


What a nice surprise to find this gal hanging out on the hummingbird feeder next to the front door.

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Sep 27, 2009
12:14 pm

Here’s my funny praying mantis story for you.  One day at a stoplight saw a baby mantis on my windshield.  It was tiny - just MAYBE an inch long and oh, so cute!  I pulled out my cell phone to take a quick photo. I held the phone very close to the windshield from the inside, took a couple of shots. There was no way I could get out of the car to rescue it, and although I did try to pull over it blew off as soon as I started the car.

Anyway, later when I wanted to show the photo of the tiny, baby mantis to my daughter.  We looked at the photo and there was nothing in the shot to show scale.  There was a building in the background that made the one inch mantis look as big at the building.  It looked like the godzilla of Praying Mantises. 

I have seen several in my garden this summer, all bright spring green which I think means they are young ones.  I hope they are taking up residence.  I’ve been working hard to make things around here hospitable to beneficials. Although, yesterday to my dismay, a big exterminator truck spent the afternoon spraying my neighbor’s house and yard from one end to the other. grrrrr!

Sarah Brown--please do not display name
Sep 28, 2009
8:12 am

The reason that Praying Mantis is on the humming bird feeder is to catch one, which they do.  I did not realize this until I saw it happen.

Leslie Finical Halleck
Sep 28, 2009
8:50 am

I KNOW!! Isn’t that horrible? I caught her and moved her to the tomato patch in the backyard.

SerenDippity - thanks for the story! That’s funny.

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