Organic chicken feed

Sep 30, 2009

Ok, you guys have been asking for organic feed, so I just placed an order or Organic Pullet Starter, Organic Layer Feed and Organic Corn today. We hope to get that in at North Haven Gardens within about a week. They will all be 50lb bags because after 6 months of haggling that is the only size I can get! Retail pricing for the feed will be around $60 a bag give or take (don't have final yet) and the corn around $50. So around a buck a pound for the organic. Still waiting on an eta but don't imagine it will be more than a week. We will still carry the conventional layer pellets and scratch. NHG carries lots of backyard chicken keeping supplies like handcrafted cedar arks, nesting boxes, feeders, waterers, supplements, food grade diatomaceous earth, books and more.


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Sep 30, 2009
8:29 pm

The standard price for a 50 lb. bag of layer feed is $10-15.  I can understand organic feed costing twice as much, but six times as much?  Really?

Leslie Finical Halleck
Sep 30, 2009
11:39 pm

Yes, that is the actual cost. The cost of the organic feed is significantly higher, and I have to pay to ship it here from Austin. Our conventional layer pellets retail at 8.99 for a 25 lb bag. That’s about 35 cents a pound. The organic will run about $1.20 a pound. So the conventional is a about a third give or take of the cost of the organic, which is to be expected.

The only organic mill in Texas is in Austin. We’ve been digging around on this for about 6 months and so far we simply don’t have a local manufacturer or distributor.

There is the possibility that one of the other local mills may act as a distributor in the future, but I have no idea if that will result in a significant price break or not.

I’ve had enough customers tell me they’d buy the 50lb bags at the higher cost so I’m going to roll the dice and give it a try!

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