Let the new garden begin…

Nov 16, 2010

Ok...WHEEWWWWWW! You may remember me posting photos a couple of months ago about the removal of our veggie garden in preparation for selling our home. Well, we got an offer in 3 weeks and had only 3 weeks after that to tie down a new house and move. Somehow...I think I've managed to come out the other side of that ordeal alive and have just finished moving in to the new place. It was really tough leaving my garden and sweet little house behind, but I'm ready to get started on my next gardening adventure. As with the last house, the new landscape we've inherited is a blank slate. It needs a lot of work, but also has a lot of potential.The first task on the list was getting the fence up and the chickens and chicken coop moved over this past weekend.Here are the girls making their first foray into their new digs...


Soon I'll post "before" photos of the new yard space...

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Nov 16, 2010
1:17 pm

Your stack of raised beds at the old house made me realize that I can never move. I just don’t have it in me to tear down the vegetable garden!

Nov 17, 2010
1:55 am

Oh please, please keep us posted.  I’d love to see lots of photos (and explanation!) of how you manage taking on a new space. 

Leslie Finical Halleck
Nov 17, 2010
11:29 am

Lisa, yes, taking up the vegetable garden was an ordeal…I’d say the garden did keep me from moving for a while but I finally had to just take the leap!

SerenDippity - will do!

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