Harvesting Mushrooms

Oct 21, 2012

So, in addition to harvesting salad greens, cilantro, basil and other yummies from my garden this weekend, I'm also harvesting THESE beauties!


I've added three species of fungi to my garden, firstly to help improve the soil, but secondly to reap the fruits of their labor. This would be a specimen of Stropharia rugosoannulata, also known as the "Garden Giant".  Unlike most other species of Stropharia, this species is a choice edible. This species offers up a late-summer or fall harvest. I was so excited to find a big crop of them yesterday popping up in my shade bed. Adding inoculants of certain fungal species to your vegetable garden can be highly beneficial for other food crops, however in our super-hot climate in Texas, it can be tough for the shrooms to be planted in ful-sun locations. So I've instead inoculated my partical shade beds with good success. Can't wait to cook these up!

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Jim Ross
Dec 02, 2012
1:12 pm

Where do you get the fungi inoculants from? I’ve been into harvesting wild edible mushrooms for years, but hadn’t considered adding mushrooms to the garden! I am really interested in trying this so any help w/ info on where to locate the inoculants is appreciated!

Leslie Halleck
Dec 03, 2012
7:20 pm

I get my inoculant from Fungi Perfecti!  http://www.fungi.com/

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