Crape Myrtle ‘Black Diamond’

May 2, 2013

Ok people, cool new plant alert! The new 'Black Diamond' series of crape myrtles is to die for. It's been a while since I wanted to plant a crape myrtle in my garden, but this is a must have. The 'Black Diamond' series comes in five bloom colors, all with the deepest of almost-black foliage.


The 'Pure White' is definitely going in my garden. I'll be writing a more detailed feature about the series in the Sept./Oct. issue of Neil Sperry's Gardens Magazine, so keep you're eye out!  You can see the other colors available at

'Black Diamond Pure White'

'Black Diamond Pure White' photo courtesy J Berry Nursery

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Cyndi Miller
May 10, 2013
10:53 pm

Wow! Can this be purchased at stores yet and if so where? Love the look!

Leslie Halleck
May 11, 2013
7:57 am

Yes they are available. As with all new varieties it can take some time to become widely available. Check you local home improvement stores and ask for them at your local garden centers. I spotted some at the Home Depot on Garland Rd. last week!

Susan Hinson
Jul 21, 2013
8:06 am

Can you tell me how big the beautiful Black Diamond Crape Myrtle gets?  I saw one at Calloways yesterday and it looked like a plant, but I am wondering if it is actually a tree?  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!  Beautiful white flowers with the black stems/leaves.  Can’t stop thinking about it and want one!

Leslie Halleck
Oct 09, 2013
8:35 am

Hi Susan - so sorry for the delayed response! For some reason I didn’t get a notification of your comment! The Black Diamond Crapemyrtles get 8’-10’ tall, and about 8’ wide. They are Semi-Dwarfs. Great for small spaces and city gardens!

ray evory
Oct 13, 2013
9:13 am

Leslie: I’d like to buy 2 dwarf (white) black diamond crepe myrtles (scale free) when available somewhere .. no comments on Oct. Neil Sperry newsletter yet .. RAY

Diane Newman
May 04, 2014
9:14 am

I purchased a deep red Black Diamond June of 2013.  This year, it seems slow in growing.  Do you happen to know a particular feed I should give it?  It does get the afternoon sun. 

Thank you for your help.  I sure appreciate it.

Diane Newman

Johnnie Jordan
May 19, 2014
8:55 pm

I found my Black Diamond at Lowe’s in Keller Texas so most Lowe’s should carry it

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Sheila Stagner
Aug 16, 2015
2:54 pm

Thanks, Leslie, for writing on this topic! I saw this special crepe myrtle variety at Lowes yesterday evening—newly arrived—and was mesmerized by its spectacular beauty and unique black foliage. I’m a newbie gardener and into “water wise” plants, hence my current interest in crepe myrtles. Spent so much on plants already this summer and held back, but after reading your blog, knew I’d regret not picking one up/having it in my yard. It’s the price of three lunches, so will be brown-bagging it all this week and next. Wish I could afford another. One I bought has red flowers, and next spring will keep my eye out for the Black Diamond Pure White bloom you have pictured above. So lovely!

Sheila Stagner
Aug 16, 2015
3:07 pm

Oops, sorry for the misspelling of Crape Myrtle in my previous post! Peace!

Jean Strein
Sep 14, 2015
9:15 am

first saw these at Lowe’s a couple of years ago and was very leery about how successful this plant would be here.  But I LOVE the look and went back again and again until I finally decided to purchase 2 of them—the fact that Lowe’s offers a year’s warranty on plants was a big incentive to try them now.  And all I can say:  WOW!  they are GORGEOUS!  They started to bloom immediately once planted and continued to do so all through the summer!  The foliage is strikingly beautiful and provides a sharp contrast to the deep, true red blossoms!  I cannot be more pleased!  Obviously, this plant is “catching on” here in this area as they are sold out at Lowe’s!  Bummer….if you find any of these—suggest you buy NOW!

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