Chili Tepin is rockin’ it…

Sep 24, 2013

Now that night temperatures have dropped and it's starting to feel like fall, many summer veggie plants in the garden have started kicking back into gear for fall harvest. Peppers especially move back into high gear right about now, along with summer squash, zucchini and others.

There aren't many perennial veggies we can grow, but the Chili Tepin (and Chile Pequin, which looks very similar)  is one that returns reliably for me in zone 8a. It does go dormant in the winter, then re-emerges in late spring after soils warm. It will even tolerate some shade while still producing prolifically. Plants are also referred to as Chilitepin, Chili Tepin or Bird's Eye Pepper.  Love it!

Chili pequin

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Pat Heberling
Oct 08, 2013
8:58 am

My Mom had these growing outside the back door in San Antonio since 1950!  In her German accent she called them “chilipeteen” and made a salsa for my dad every night. It was called hot sauce back then. I’ve been looking for plants for years and now I know the real names! Thanks!

Leslie Halleck
Oct 09, 2013
8:30 am

Good deal Pat- glad I could help out!

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