Baby Chicks…week 2-3

Apr 12, 2011

After only two weeks the babies had already started filling in their big girl feathers... (Photos taken March 26th-Apr. 2)

Silver Laced Wyandotte...Still the smallest of the bunch

Salmon Faverolle...they have the prettiest coloring.

Silver Cuckoo Maran...starting to look very similar to Barred Rock.


Barred Rock...So far, this little gal is not only the tallest, but most curious and friendly of the bunch.

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Apr 14, 2011
5:27 pm

which one is your favorite?

Leslie Finical Halleck
Jun 04, 2011
10:24 am

Well…it’s changed. Their personalities have changed a lot as they’ve gotten older. One of my salmon faverolles is the sweetest and friendliest…but I think he might be a boy! Which means he’ll have to be re-homed. BUMMER!

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