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August 4, 2009

05-21-2009_NHG_21HenPhyllis_GLG2KHSJE_1 Welcome to my little corner of the gardening blog universe. I originally started this blog as a way for my good gardening buddy, Carolyn, and I to keep up with our gardening goings on. She prodded, I complied. Gardening has a way of keeping people connected even over long distances. It's always fun comparing her Brooklyn garden and my Texas garden. After a little time went by, I found the blog had evolved into a great way for me to keep track of what I do in my garden and when...which as a professional horticulturist I rarely seem to have time to do properly! It helped keep me a little more organized as well as provided inspriation for my magazine writing. I hope you enjoy my garden antics and I'm honored to be of help. Namaste

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