Too much lettuce?

December 15, 2009

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 Ok, folks! Here it is! I've been preoccupied this week and it's been icky, so I haven't wanted to even attempt to go look at my tiny 8 foot space. But, it's been pretty the last few days so I thought I'd take a gander at the garden.

What did find? Possibly too much lettuce. You are probably thinking "how can a person have too much lettuce?" Well, you can't, except I think I planted too many seeds in a 2x4 foot space. I essentially just took a few packets of some greens mixes (the red leaves being my favorite) and threw them out! No muss, no fuss! They are growing beautifully except I haven't really been eating lettuce lately so now they form a thick blanket of greens. I've probably stunted their growth. So I may not get the beautiful heads of butter lettuce i got last year. Unless I start harvesting soon, I also may not get the large stalks of romaine I enjoyed last year. My goal of the week is to eat at least 3 or 4 salads and harvest some for my neighbors. Maybe then the spinach won't be so scared to come up. I have a feeling the lettuce and spinach are fighting and it's not the spinach that's winning.

I've also included a picture of my whole raised bed. This is the raised bed we sell here at North Haven Gardens. I put it together all by myself except for one nail I needed help with from my husband. It then took about 30 bags of various soils and composts. Leslie has the soil recipe I used posted on here somewhere.

Anywho, I planted 6 broccoli, 2 brussels sprouts, 6 onions (red, white, yellow), 12 heads garlic, a TON of lettuce (ha!), spinach, 2 fava bean bushes (I should pull one), 1 cilantro and 1 parsley. I also had a few pansies left over from some pots so I stuck those in as well. I like to test the maximums on these things.

Man, I bet you are wishing for Leslie right about now! smile

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