Time to start planning your fall garden!

July 27, 2012

GardeninoculantIf you're thinking about planning your fall vegetable garden right now, congratulations! You're right on schedule. Now is the time to start building raised beds and/or amending existing beds with organic matter for your fall transplants.

If you're interesting in the sorts of things you should be seeding or planting August, read my post HERE.

Fall is for planting! Not just vegetables, but pretty much everything. When you plant in the fall here in the South, you benefit from the cooler air and soil temperatures, plus you get about 8-months for plants to put down new roots before the onset of summer heat. It will save you money, time and result in happier healthier plantings.

Planting beans in August or Peas in September? Make sure to mix garden inoculant into the soil first...Rhizobium bacteria is necessary for legumes to fix their own Nitrogen in the soil!

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