Time to Plant…Naked Ladies

September 7, 2009

26152079.Lycoris3843_KO Yes..that's what I said. lol. For those of you less familiar with the colorful common name for Lycoris radiata, otherwise known as surprise lilies or spider lilies, they are often referred to as such because the bloom stalks preceed the foliage. They are a fall blooming bulb (blooming right now as a matter of fact) but are usually not available in garden centers during spring.  You should find them in the garden center now. You'll find the classic red, Lycoris radiata as well as the less common yellow strain of the species. You'll also find the pink species, Lycoris squamigera. Plant them in the fall and you'll have blooms the following fall. Occasionally, bulbs you plant right now might shoot up a bloom this October, but no guarantees. Beeeeautiful.

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