Time to Plant Iceland Poppies!

October 7, 2012

I'll admit, I'm totally in love with Iceland Poppies. I've been pushing them on you for years, and I'm afraid that is just not going to stop! The transluescent papery blooms in all the colors of sherbet are just to die for. In Texas, you need to plant them NOW! They will bloom through the fall and also put energy into putting down a good root system over the winter. Then, in early spring, they will pop back out in full-blown bloom and continue through spring/early summer. But you have to plant them in fall to get such a display.

Icelandpoppies sm

Iceland poppies are the perfect companion for Dutch Iris, Tulips, Mexican Feather grass, Daffodils, you name it! Butterflies and bees love them too.  Just so happens, I'm planting mine today. I like to plant them in groups of at least three plants, but usually five plants. I plant several groups of them around the garden in order to provide repetition of the colors. Those are also the spots where I have Dutch Iris and will drop in some Tulips. Planting some extras will also allow you to use them as a cut flower. Gorgeous...just gorgeous!

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