The roses are going nuts!

April 29, 2010

Well, the very cold winter we had did provide some benefits. The strawberries are going to provide a bumper crop, as well as the peaches, and the roses got the full dormancy and chilling hours they needed to look fabulous this year. The cold weather killed off many of the fungal spores as well so even the finicky English hybrids have gone blackspot free this spring!

'Pegasus' in the forefront, 'Abraham Darby' and 'Fransika Krueger' in the right background, 'Perle d' Or' in the left background. A 'Pat Austin' and 'Tamora' are just out of view. I have an fabulous 'Ebb Tide' hidden in the back that is just luscious.

Abraham_darby2010 The 'Abraham Darby' have been providing so many fragrant petals this spring that I'm about to make a batch of homemade rose water.

Perledor_2010'Perle d' Or' in it's full and fragrant glory

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