The Fabulous Finished Chicken Coop…

June 21, 2009

Awesome. I love this coop...I call it my Frank Lloyd Wright coop! Still have to build the nesting boxes which will slip inside the coop adjacent to the egg door for easy access.


Made with rough cut cedar, my favorite. Not your cheapest game in town, but the only material you don't have to use a chemical sealant on..which can leach into the ground. No good for chickies...The hardware cloth (wire) is buried a foot underground to keep out predators. The ceiling of the box is also covered and sealed. The structure is bolted down to the foundation cinder blocks.


We used recycled windows from the addition remodel we recently worked on...nice shabby chic touch! All the doors are spring loaded, so you won't leave them hanging open...chicken escape!

Chicken_coop17 Chicken_coop14

In the winter, I'll line the upstairs with plastic insulation to keep everyone warm.



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