Chicken Noodle Fun…

June 5, 2009

Ok, so I had a bowl of spaghetti noodles in the fridge from yesterday...and I keep hearing that the chickens love cooked rice, noodles, that sort of thing. I decided to see if THIS would be enough to bribe them to love So far, many items I've tried given them have been met with total disregard, so I wasn't convinced they'd actually eat the spaghetti. They run to me for salad greens from the garden, but nothing else has interested them. 


After they looked at me like I was crazy for a while, I finally just threw a pile of noodles into the run for them, let them out into the yard to run around and walked away to water in the garden. A few minutes later I looked over and Einstein had gone back in the run by herself. was like giving a 1-year old their fist piece of birthday cake! She kept grabbing one noodle, then running with it back into the coop with it as if to hide it from the rest of the gang. It was funny watching her try to negotiate eating the whole noodle at once. She ended up scarfing down about half the pile by herself before Phyllis started to show some interest. That's not a bad thing...Einstein needs to put on a bit more weight. (Eunis..the big one, has started really pushing everyone else around. They're a bit afraid of her right now and I'm worried they might be getting bullied out of some food). 


Once Eunis noticed Einstein and Phyllis digging into something that was obviously good, she came over to see what the fuss is about. Pecker and Scooter follow her wherever she goes, so they came along too. That is Pecker in the above photo as I baited her out from under the door. After just a little while, they were all eating it out of my hands and couldn't get enough. Even Eunis, who has really just been a mean bossy you know what for the last month, was coming to me to eat it out of my hands. Scooter, the little blue Ameraucana is always sweet though and actually seems to prefer me feeding her directly. 


Anywhoo, I guess I'll be cooking spaghetti more often!

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