May 10, 2009

One of the many projects I worked on yesterday was this little patch in the corner of the front yard. This spot is compacted and never seems to absorb much water in the summer...leaving mostly died out grass and bare patches. SO, I thought, why not stick some dry garden succulents there? I found these "stones" on property just outside the back gate when we moved in. They've been sitting there ever since, but I knew I wanted to use them for something. We hauled them upfront and I rolled them around until I found a configuration I liked. Roughed up the soil and added some compost, shale and decomposed granite I had on hand from our pathways and patio work. Planted are an assortment of Agave parryi var. truncata, Agave salmiana var. Ferox, Agave ovatifolia, Aloe 'Pink Blush', and a few other species...I'll have to run out and check later....I call it my Stonehenge...

And yes...this is life

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