Spring is coming…

March 5, 2008

Just a few little  updates on some of the babies on their way...The first of 'Blue Poppy' Anemone's made it's appearance a few days ago. They start off slow, but once a number of them are in bloom it's quite the show. Summer Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum) have just begun to produce their first flowers. We don't do well with Lily of the Valley down here in the South, but these make a great visual alternative. You don't get the fragrance, but the Leucojum provide a similar flower and are a super tough naturalizer  for us here in Texas. Awww, aren't those just the cutest little violas? They're just so happy. I want to pinch their little cheeks! Lots of Narcissus (daffodills) popping up in the lawn. There wasn't much else in the landscape when we bought this 1941 cottage, but there were a number of this daffodil residing in the yard. It's an old fashioned species of some sort I've yet to spend the time to identify. But because in the 3 or so years we've been in the house we haven't mowed over the foliage in the spring, the bulbs have finally regained vigor and are really blooming nicely for the first time since we moved in. Yay daffodils! The Swiss chard I use for foliage accent in the beds really starts to shine late winter/early spring. The bright red mid-veins are so pretty. The great thing about gardening organically is that I also harvest the chard for cooking. Yum. Iceland poppies 'Champagne Bubbles' are producing buds en masse and will so be the darlings of the garden. Shown here budding up with companions curly parsley and bronze-leafed fennel. More to come...
























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