RIP my little Einstein…

June 19, 2010

Sad to say that my little Einstein is being put to sleep this morning. 

We spent the last couple of weeks medicating and hand feeding her everyday. While we were in Arkansas for the past week, she stayed with the vet (A & B in Dallas on Garland Road). They took care of her, changed her meds, fed her, etc. Middle of the week they said she'd improved and was starting to eat on her own. But yesterday they called us to say that she just has too much neurological damage to be able to survive on her own. It's just so crazy how a little thing like getting some string wrapped around her leg could turn into a death sentence. We're still baffled as to how she went downhill the way she did. She went from being the spunkiest of the bunch one day, to the sickest and weakest ONE day later. Well, she's been quite the fun little chicken and we're really sad to see her go. Such is life in livestock I suppose. :(


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