Poor Einstein…she’s been henpecked, literaly…

May 30, 2010

So my little Houdan, Einstein, managed to get some string wrapped around her leg last weekend. I discovered it last Sunday after my husband came in and said she was hiding from the other birds behind the feed bucket. The string must have inhibited her from getting around normally or eating. Because she looked weak, I guess the rest of the girls ganged up on her and pecked at her. I separated her into her own coop this past week to give her a break. 


But she still looked sad and wasn't eating much, only drinking. Her buddy Phyllis went in to see for for a little bit. So cute.

Last night I checked her crop, but it felt normal, checked and cleaned her vent..no egg impaction. I gave her a bit of flax oil but this morning she was the same so we went ahead and took her to a vet that specializes in birds. Apparently, the stress of getting ganged up on by the other gals and not eating caused her to have high bacteria levels in her GI tract.


This is her swallowing some of the antibiotics and baby bird food I'll have to feed every day. Poor thing...Hopefully we'll be able to get her healthy again over the next week or so and can then reintegrate her back into the flock.

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