Our Favorite Re-Seeders

June 12, 2013

I don't know about you but I'm a big fan of "re-seeders". Those are crops that "come true" from seed and volunteer themselves all over the garden. Now, some re-seeders can be a nuisance, yes, but re-seeding edible crops come in quite handy.  One of my favorite re-seeders is Dill.

Dill seed

My husband has asked me more than once..."so, why did you plant all this Dill again?" To which I always answer "I didn't, it planted itself". I suppose my front garden does contain what might seem to be a ridiculous number of Dill plants at this point, but they're just so pretty...and I happen to love Dill. There are of course other re-seeders in my garden, such as Arugula and Mexican Feather Grass. But none so prolific as the Dill. What are your favorite garden re-seeders?

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