New Chickens…

June 28, 2009

With the passing of Scooter and the building of the new larger coop, I figured I could add a couple more birds to the flock. These are the new arrivals. With the gang I have right now, and Eunis' bad attitude, I thought it would be better to start with some older pullets rather than risk the safety of smaller birds. The one of the right has quite the impressive fluff of neck feathers and a bit more chutzpa...Because of this she's also been the focus of Eunis' initial plays for power. The one on the left seems to be more docile and sweet. The second photo is a close up of her face. I know to those of  you who don't have chickens it will sound a little weird to say that some chickens just have sweet eyes. But they do! You can either see the sweet or the mean in their eyes...just like people I Let's hope this transition goes smoothly.


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