New Baby Chicks Have Arrived!

March 12, 2015

It's gotten to be that time again when I need to replenish my backyard 15 new babies have arrived!  Six or seven of them will stay with me, the rest will have another home after I've raised them up a bit and taught them some manners. Here are some portraits at 3 days old. As always, too cute.

Baby chick bantam easter egger
The runt of the entire bunch, an almost pure white bantam Easter Egger hybrid. Adorbs.

baby chick lavender orpington
These are just the sweetest of the bunch...beautiful Lavender Orpington. I mean, look at that smile?

baby chick blue favaucana
Super excited about this new breed - Blue Favaucana. Hybrid of Faverolles and Ameraucanas, two of my favorite breed. Gorgeous!


baby chick black polish
This little toot right here was full of beans from the get go...super cute black white crested Polish.

baby chick easter egger
AND last but not least, a big fat standard Easter Egger hybrid...biggest of the bunch, chillaxin'.

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