Monsanto genetics “trespassing” onto organic farms.

July 11, 2012

So, with this looming legislation pending, that would effectively make Monsanto and other bio-tech companies immune to legal injunctions agianst their product, I've been thinking about how organic farmers can defend themselves. This is how I see things...The Citizens United Supreme Court decision states that corporations are individuals under the 14th Amendment. So then why don't organic farmers treat them as such now? When their GMO pollen floats over to a certified organic farm and  infects their crops, can that not be seen as a form of trespassing? Especially now that corporations are "individuals". If you or your dog comes onto my property and destroy something, I can hold you responsible for trespassing and destruction of property, right? So why don't we just play their game with their rules? What is the difference between you or your dog (which is your "property") destroying my property, and your GMO pollen coming on to my property and effectively destroying my crops? Just a thought.

So I decided to see if anyone was using a trespassing defense when it comes to Monsanto bullying them. This story was just published last Friday in the Denver Post about a ruling against conventional farmers using pesticides in the vicinity of organic farms. Using pesticides or herbicides that drfted onto the organic farmers crops, was deemed a form of trespassing. Awesome. So, seems perhaps there is a stronger precident now to use the same principle against Monsanto, especially considering the Citizens United ruling?

I'm no legal expert, but I think alls fair in Love and War. So if corporations want the right to operate as an individual, then perhaps we should simply treat them that way. Any legal thougths out there??

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