Love me some Cardoon!

October 9, 2012

Another plant I'm in love with...the majestic Cardoon. This Artichoke relative is massive and stunning. You NEED silver foliage in your garden. I tell you this because it's true, lol. These plants are tough, easy to grow and will provide you with stunning focal points in your garden, or containers.

Cardoon sm

Now, during fall, is the time to plant Cardoon. Now, they don't look like much in a 4" pot, and even in a gallon sized pot, they'll seem somewhat un-impressive. But you'll be amazed at the growth these plants will put on over the winter. By mid-spring, they will have become a 5-foot specimen that looks stunning with roses, Iris, herbs and more. But you have to plant them now! Cardoon are also an edible, however you harvest the stems, not the blooms. If you want to read more about Cardoon in my garden, check out the current fall issue of Neil Sperry's Gardens magazine! You can also pick up copies (and plants) at North Haven Gardens.

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