Lavender that thrives in North Texas

June 20, 2013

Lavender plants like dry hot it may seem like a no-brainer that Lavender should perform very well in Texas, right? Well, not so...Here in North Texas, we have particularly heavy clay soil that doesn't drain well when wet. This is the kiss of death for most lavender plants. Many Lavender plants don't even make it through their first year planted before they succumb to exces moisture.

Lavender goodwin creek

There are some varieties that perform better than others. I've had particularly good luck with  this 'Goodwin Creek'. Of course, you should alway plant your Lavender "high and dry" meaning plant it in a higher spot in the garden, so it receives better drainage, and don't plant it where it will receive excess irrigation. Plants need to dry between waterings. You can topdress your plants with expanded shale to keep moisture away from the crown of the plant. Always plant in full sun. If you've struggled with growing Lavender in the garden, give it a try in containers.

Lavender is also a favorite of the bees...bonus!

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